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Click on the litter reduction tab to learn about our new C-Pal (Community Partners Against Litter) Project.

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Manual Washington (on the right), owner of Grove's Cleaning Service and Janitor's Closet, is BCP Recycler of the Month and received a gift card from La Tratorria. Manual believes in support organizations that give back to the community, and keeping paper out of the local landfill. Join BCP Volunteers July 12th from 8AM to Noon as we work to encourage effective county-wide recycling.
Berkeley Community Pride’s mission is:

To reduce litter
To encourage effective community-wide recycling
To promote the education of your youth in the responsible use of our resources

To support those goals we hold a variety of programs and events throughout the year.

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As part of BCP's Mission to reduce litter, in April BCP Volunteers were joined from employees of Quad Graphics, FedEx and Macy's to clean up Caperton Blvd and GM Access Roads. 142 bags of trash and 17 tires were collected on these BCP Adopt-A-Highway roads.

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July 12, 2014 paper, cardboard and CFL (Compact Floescent Lightbulbs) recycling at Quad Graphics, 8am to noon.  Please separate paper and cardboard, thank you!

From Route 9 West, turn on GM Access Road, then turn right at the stop sign onto Caperton Blvd. Follow the signs and at the Quad Graphics flag poles, turn right and go over 2 speed bumps to the brown building on your right. We will be at or in the building regardless of the weather to collect your paper and cardboard.